Fluoride Supplementation Adherence and Barriers in a Community Without Water Fluoridation

To prevent early childhood caries, the American Dental Association recommends oral fluoride supplementation for children in communities lacking water fluoridation who are at high caries risk. However, patient adherence to oral fluoride supplementation has not been studied in this population. This study assessed adherence to oral fluoride and barriers to adherence in a community lacking water...

Denver returns to Level 3 COVID restrictions

At a critical moment in this pandemic, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) has moved the City and County of Denver, among other counties, to the more restrictive Safe…

February 2018 - Stapleton Tower Ledger

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Samadhi Center for Yoga The video of still shots captured from my Candlelight Flow class at Samadhi Center for Yoga in 2012 was shot, compiled and edited by Tom Martin. The music is Om My Shiva by Alanna Kaivalya, accompanied by me on didgeridoo.

Glendale Cherry Creek Colorado Chronicle

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October 30, 2020 - North Denver News

When you decide to embark on a career in engineering, you automatically know that you are entering a highly competitive field where many people strive to succeed. The skills that you already possess and the ones that you develop in the future will be absolutely

Celery: Computer-Free Email in the News

Celery lets people easily send and receive email through any fax machine - without a computer or access to an Internet connection. Send handwritten email by writing a nickname at the top of a paper message. Then just fax it to the Celery server, which converts it into email and sends it to the recipient. Not waiting for email delivery - receive automaticallly printed email and image attachments in real-time, just like a fax. Share hard copy notes, photos, drawings by email. Use as backup email service when your servers are down or use it to communicate by email where you can't use a computer or don't have Internet access. Email service available in black and white or full color, Celery customized fax machine also available. Sign up for annual (1200-page) or monthly (100-page) Celery service subscriptions at www.mycelery.com

Michael Cohen releases on Trump in new tell-all book

Get the Book Now!: click https://cli.re/bookbargainDisloyal: A Story: Truth Tale of the Former Personal Trump Legal RepresentativeBest in Information:

Attempted murder charges filed in carjacking vehicular assault of two elderly women | Denver Area

Jeffco District Attorney Pete Weir announced that charges have been filed in the carjacking and assaults of two elderly women in Lakewood. Robert Eugene Harrison, DOB: 10-27-78, appeared in court on October 28, 2020 where he was advised that he has been charged with four counts of Attempted...

OP-ED | Politicians Underestimate Common Core Opposition at Their Peril | CT News Junkie

Thanks to Republican legislators who used a rare parliamentary procedure to get a bill asking for a moratorium raised for public hearing, Connecticut finally got to experience a lengthy airing...

Guerin Green - Owner - Cherry Creek News/ North Denver News/ Stapleton Tower Ledger | LinkedIn

Guerin Green :Marketing Strategist * Online media platform architect * Software Development* Research powered communication *Experienced Polling and focus group for both public opinion and market researchDirect Mail, Radio, and Short-form and TV productionBuilt network of websites delivering over 3 million pageviews annually.Founded three newspapers, succesfully selling and acquiring a fourth.Lead consultant in public effort to build Colorado's biggest private highway, the Central Central City Expressway, winning a million dollars in support from the State of Colorado, and directing two winning bond elections and the creation of a Business Improvement District.Certified gadfly and grenade thrower in the public sphere.

What the Board of Education chair's turbulent departure says about Colorado schools - The Colorado Independent

If thousands of kids protesting and lawmakers staying up until all hours trying to hash out workable compromises on testing reform didn't tell you that the state of public education in Colorado is pretty contentious these days, than the abrupt resignation of newly-elected state Board of Education Chair Marcia Neal confirms it.

Local news digest on covid for the past week in Colorado | News Break

Good days start with keeping up with your daily news. Check out the recent updates on COVID- 19 and local political news in your neigorhood. Follow us on the Newsbreak app for the latest information concerning COVID-19 and what you can do to continue being safe and healthy in your community.

Man has thumbs altered to improve iPhone dexterity

This story isn't for the faint of heart. In fact, we wouldn't really recommend it for anybody, but we'll soldier on regardless. Thomas Martel hails from Colorado, and after upgrading to an iPhone, he decided his big hands were just too much of a burden to bear. From my old Treo, to my Blackberry, to this new iPhone, I had a hard time hitting the right buttons, and I always lost those little styluses, says Martel. So what's a man to do? Why, get those digits downsized, of course. Thomas went under the knife for a new technique called whittling. The doctors made a small cut in each thumb and shaved down the bones, then they adjusted the muscles and fingernails to fit the new thumb size. Martel's new thumbs look a tad effeminate, and there's always that problem of expense and general discomfort, but he thinks the procedure will pay for itself in ten to fifteen years. And what it's saving me in frustration - that's priceless. Whatever you say, Thomas.Update: InformationWeek is reporting this story as false. North Denver News hasn't pulled it yet, but given the far-fetched nature, we're certainly having doubts of its authenticity. Either way, we don't recommend you running out and getti

Where to Recycle your Christmas Tree in Denver

More info: ‘Tis almost the season to recycle your Christmas tree through the Denver Public Works Treecycle program! In Denver, trees will be collected over two weekends in January, which is a…

Memorial Day Weekend DUI Enforcement Cites 298 Drivers

It appears many Colorado citizens were cited for driving infractions over Memorial Day, almost 300 in fact. Here's what the North Denver News had to say about this chaotic weekend on the roads:

Touch-and-Go with NASA Probe Osiris-Rex

  It may have taken four years, but on Tuesday 20 October, NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex finally landed on Bennu and collected the necessary dust and rock samples. The touch-and-go mane…

COVID-19 Hotspots In Denver

At a press conference on Tuesday 20 October, Governor Jared Polis confirmed that there are currently 417 COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized in Colorado – the highest since May. In August offi…

Colorado’s Best Wines

As our region cools down, winemakers count down their days until the last harvest. The Riesling vines are the perfect blend of sugar and acid and ready to create another award-winning wine. The bea…

Snow In The Cards Following Arctic Outbreak

It’s time to bundle up and prepare for an icy cold weekend that may continue long into the week that follows. Early snow and chilly weather have made its way across northern America and forecasters…

Wildfires in Colorado at an All-Time High

  The dry conditions in Denver, Colorado, have provided the perfect foundation for wildfires to take over. This year, we experienced two of the largest fires ever recorded in Colorado, forcing…